Uldir Carry

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If you’re tired of wiping in Uldir Halls of Control, trust me, we have all been in that situation before. Casual players simply don’t have the time to sit and look for a decent group or even a decent guild in order to clear Uldir on the hardest difficulty.We make it easy so that you don’t have to waste your time and energy looking for group that isn’t wiping over and over. When you join our group, you will be raiding with one of the top guilds on World of Warcraft.

With, you’re able to purchase an Uldir run on any difficulty with a wide variety of options available. Whether you just want a run through killing 8/8 bosses or if you are in need of specific gear, we can make that happen for you. We have both Horde and Alliance groups on a daily basis. We cater to US, Oceanic and EU players.

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Did you know that the current average item level of characters on World of Warcraft is 381? If you are anywhere under this ilvl number, then you are playing at a severe disadvantage. Don’t fall behind on gear by sitting around grinding dungeons that don’t drop high enough item level gear.

If you are lagging in item level, we have several Uldir loot run options available. If you didn’t already know, the highest item level available can only be obtained from Uldir. This is the greatest way to catch up on gear quickly is by purchasing a Heroic or Mythic loot run. Unfortunately, a Normal Uldir Loot run won’t get you far this late into the expansion as the next raid (Battle of Dazar’alor) is just around the corner.


This difficulty level of Uldir is the easiest to clear and you can obtain an average item level of 355.

At this point in the expansion, Uldir on heroic difficulty is still easy to clear. The great part is you can obtain an average item level of 370 or higher by doing Heroic Uldir.

As everyone knows, the mythic raids for any raid are incredibly difficult and requires the right gear and strategy to clear in an efficient manner. If you want the best of the best, 385 item level drops from Mythic Uldir.