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Learn from the highest ranked bfa arena players

No matter what your skill level, we have multiple options when it comes to selecting what type of pro you would like to play with. Even if you are just starting out in PvP, we can help you overcome what you’re struggling with and pin-point what to work on in order to become a better player.

Rank 1

These are all players who have achieved rank 1 in a past season and have been active players since. They’re experienced and qualified players to coach and help you become a better player.

Tournament Level Coaches

Players who fit this category have completed in regional LAN tournaments, online tournaments, or have attempted to quality for the aforementioned. They are seasoned veterans, among the best currently playing, and are likely players you’ve heard of or watched.

Celebrity Coaches

The true cream of the crop. These guys have competed in Blizzcon, won or competed in multiple tournament cups, and have a long history of success behind their careers. Their insight to help you improve will be second to none, and every game you play with them you can only improve.