Normal Uldir Boost

This service is for clearing Uldir on Normal Difficulty. It includes a complete run, defeating 8/8 bosses. In most cases, the raid will be completed in under 2 hours.


Rewards: The item level that is dropped in Normal Uldir is at ilvl 355 or higher. In addition to gear, you will also receive 3 achievements: Heart of Corruption, Crimson Descent and Halls of Containment.

Available Boost Options: You two options to choose from for this boost.

  • Account Sharing: This is where we play your account for you. You will just have to be available to provide access to your account.
  • Self Play: This is where you join our own raid team and play your own account.

Available Loot Options: There are a total of 3 different loot options available.

The amount of gear and loot you receive with this option is completely up to your luck. There is no guaranteed items or loot trading. You can obtain gear with bonus rolls using the basic option.

This option GUARANTEES at minimum 5 items that are in different gear slots for your character. For example, if you loot two chest items, it will only count as ONE item. There will be 3 extra boosters in the raid group that will trade the loot to you.

Our best tier in terms of gear, the ELITE option GUARANTEES at minimum 7 items of gear that are in different slots. There will be an extra 5 boosters in the raid group that will trade the loot to you.



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Great service!
I got the Slayer title, self played. Communication was great and they were easily available.

Bertram Jenses

World of Warcraft

There was a small problem with getting me in the right raid but after that was solved everythign was great!


World of Warcraft



World of Warcraft

Simply great!
The guys I played arena with really knew what they were doing. Coming back next season.

Dan from New York

World of Warcraft

I am so happy I picked ArenaRating. You will not regret it if you make the same choice.

Michael Kaplan

World of Warcraft


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