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2v2 2000 rating self play

Self Play RBG Boost with the Highest Rated WoW Team


Do you ever get sick of tirelessly spamming general chat for a RBG group, then once you finally find one, it's one of the worst possible groups you've joined? has become one of the only boosting sites around that offer products which allow you to play your character with our very own, highly skilled, RBG staff.


This is your chance to play with some of the best players to ever grace World of Warcraft. You will have the opportunity not only to gain rating, but also to experience high level PvP with world class players.


You'll learn how to lead a RBG team properly and ask any questions along the way! The time has finally come to never sit in Orgrimmar spamming for a team for over an hour, only to find that your time has been wasted. Gain rating with our very own rbg boost team, and do it while playing your very own character.

What are the requirements to purchase a RBG Carry


You must have a fully functional microphone and be able to join our staff in call on Skype or Discord. Additionally, a respectable item level for the current season is mandatory. Come join the highest rated RBG team in the world and play your own character to earn the RBG rating you need, quickly and efficiently.


No Account Sharing is Required


A Self-Play RBG boost is when the customer will play their own character and join our very own Rank 1 RBG staff in rated battlegrounds and play with world class players. This will be your chance to experience WoW at an extremely high level. So be prepared for high intensity games as well as a fun experience. It will help your WoW character become the best you want without months of gameplay just to get the rating and gear. We guarantee that you will walk away with your desired rating and be able to compete at higher levels after your session.


How does it work?


The process is very simple. Once you choose your desired and current rating and make your purchase, our support staff will add you on Skype or Discord. If you do not have either application, we suggest that you download it or let us know your preferred method of communication. Once our staff gets in touch with you, we will schedule out a time and day which you can play with our team. We do our best for the date and time to work for both parties.

ETA: 1-3 Days depending on queue
  • Worried about security?

    With over 6 years in the industry, we know the ins and outs of keeping your account secure. We are the orginators of the boost and do everything in our power in order for you to get a smooth and easy transaction. We have an in-house built VPN Don't risk getting your account banned with people who claim to offer top notch security when they have just started offering their services. We practice the best security measures on the market!
  • Best Service, Guaranteed!

    Are you tired of RMT companies located in China and can barely speak any english? is one of the only boosting companies with our HQ and employees in America and Europe. When you purchase a boost from us, you are getting only the highest quality of serviceon the market. Now only do we have the highest rated players in the world on our staff, we take great pride in taking care of each and every customer to the best of our ability.
  • Honesty

    Bottom line, you are dealing with the most honest vendors in this industry. While other vendors are only looking to make a sale and a quick buck, we are completely transparent with our products and services. If something is going to be delayed, we are going to be up front and let you know right away. There is no fluff here, you are browsing through the best boosting service on the web.
  • How does this work?

    When you purchase your arena boosting service, a member of our staff will send you an order number and contact you using your preferred contact method. We will queue your order to take place as soon as we can. Feel free to contact us on Skype, email, or Phone (1.800.971.3731) for an update on your service. Should any schedule of our service change, a news post will immediately be updated on our home page of our site.

  • How Long Will it Take to Complete My Order?

    This all depends on your current and desired rating. RBG Boosts from 0 up to 2200 can be completed within 3 days but can take up to 6-7 depending on the current queue on orders. The same applies for Arena orders; although the time of completion is much faster than RBGs. Keep in mind being Horde speeds up your order tremendously, and in most cases we will ask you to faction change.

  • Is there a gear requirement?

    It is always best to have an item level that is within reason with the current PvP season. However, if you feel like your gear is not up to par with the standard for the current season, do contact us to check if your gear is okay. Additionally, the more important part of your character will be it's artifact level and talents.

  • Do I have to transfer my character?

    No. Transferring your character is not required. However, in some cases, being a specific faction will speed up your order.
  • Can I still play my account during your services?

    Yes. As long as there is good method of communication, you will be able to play your account anytime you would like. When we want to log on to play, we will message you via email or skype to let you know we are starting. However, staying offline will be always the smoothest method.

  • Will my account be banned or suspended?

    No. All of our designated players are in their regions. EU employees are located in Europe and North American employees are located in North America. This allows us to be the safest service on the web! Cross IP does sometime happen, but the account lock is lifted within 15 minutes. It's also best to make sure that you do not log in for at least 24 hours after we finish a boost.