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1800 RBG Boost $59.99

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A Self-Play RBG boost is when the customer will play their own character and join our very own Rank 1 RBG staff in rated battlegrounds and play with world class players. This will be your chance to experience WoW at an extremely high level. So be prepared for high intensity games as well as a fun experience. It will help your WoW character become the best you want without months of gameplay just to get the rating and gear. We guarantee that you will walk away with your desired rating and be able to compete at higher levels after your session.

Don’t Waste Time in Pick Up Groups, Join the Rated Battleground Pros!

Do you ever get sick of tirelessly spamming general chat for a RBG group, then once you finally find one, it’s one of the worst possible groups you’ve joined? has become one of the only boosting sites around that offer products which allow you to play your character with our very own, highly skilled, RBG staff.

This is your chance to play with some of the best players to ever grace World of Warcraft. You will have the opportunity not only to gain rating, but also to experience high level PvP with world class players.

You’ll learn how to lead a RBG team properly and ask any questions along the way! The time has finally come to never sit in Orgrimmar spamming for a team for over an hour, only to find that your time has been wasted. Gain rating with our very own rbg boost team, and do it while playing your very own character.

How Does a Self Play RBG Carry Work?

The process is very simple. On the top of this page, you will see a module which allows you to choose your current and desired RBG rating. This will determine the price of the carry and allow you to choose a customizable option that works for you. Once you have selected the two options, simply add the product to the cart and follow the checkout process.

Once you begin to follow the checkout process, you will notice that we ask for either your Skype or Discord handle. This will allow us to quickly communicate with you and schedule out your order with us. After your order is placed, we will add you on your preferred contact method and ask you to link us your World of Warcraft armory profile. This will allow us to see minor details like your honor talents, spec, etc… and will allow us to slot you in to a time that will benefit your character the most.

After a time is agreed upon, we will invite you to our RBG group and queue games with you. Please keep in mind that this is not something you can just sit and be AFK. These are going to be intense games and we require customers to pay close attention and follow directions from our rated battleground raid leader.

Before you know it, you will be in game and in a group with 9 other WoW all-stars. Get ready and enjoy the ride, because we can guarantee you most likely have never dominated in RBGs like this before.

Rated Battleground rewards

Depending on your rating, you will be given different PvP titles, mounts, and achievements. The higher you RBG rating, the better the titles and gear you will receive. Here is a list of some rewards to keep in mind in relation to milestones that you will reach during the PvP season:

  • 2000 Rating – Grants access to purchase elite gear the following season.
  • 2200 Rating – Grants access to purchase the PvP Tabard and PvP Cloak.
  • 2400 Rating – Grants access to purchase the weapon enchant (cosmetic).

While most of these rewards are cosmetic, they are a great way to show what you were able to accomplish to other plays. You will absolutely be the cause of a lot of attention as people who pass by notice your transmog set. The achievements will also make it a lot easier to join RBG groups in the coming seasons as you will showcase that you were able to hit a high rating on your own.

PvP gear and weapons can be obtained through drops as you win games in arena. The higher your rating, the higher the item level will be. The end of match rewards will not happen every match. They will occur occasionally. There are multiple tiers of gear that drop. You can follow the chart below:

Rating –Item Level

  • 0-1399 – 340 (Max 355)
  • 1400-1599 –350 (Max 355)
  • 1600-1799 – 360 (Max 370)
  • 1800-2099– 365 (Max 370)
  • 2100 – 2399 – 380 (Max 380)
  • 2400+ – 955 – 375 (Max 385)

Please keep the table above in mind while you are purchasing the boost you want. This will give you an idea of what kind of gear to expect once your boost is complete.

Unlike arena, RBGs reward characters with achievement titles at specific ratings. The titles are “account-wide” meaning that every character you have can use the title. The title is also different depending if you are horde or Alliance. Please use the table below to view which titles are given based on your rating:

RBG Rating Alliance Horde
1100 Private Scout
1200 Corporal Grunt
1300 Sergeant Sergeant
1400 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant
1500 Sergeant Major First Sergeant
1600 Knight Stone Guard
1700 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard
1800 Knight-Captain Legionnaire
1900 Knight-Champion Centurion
2000 Lieutenant Commander Champion
2100 Commander Lieutenant General
2200 Marshal General
2300 Field Marshal Warlord
2400 Grand Marshal High Warlord


How do I benefit from playing my own character?

Joining our group gives you an experience like nothing out there. Being able to pick up certain strategies and tricks and implementing those when you lead your own RBG team is something that truly is priceless. The amount of knowledge and skill you will gain, while at the same time spiking your RBG rating, makes this one of the most popular services we have to offer.

Another great benefit is that you never have to worry about any type of rating disqualification at the end of the season as you are not sharing your account. This is the ultimate way to ensure you get your rewards at the end of the PvP season.

On average, how many wins will I receive during my session?

This is entirely depending on which rating you wish to purchase. The higher the rating, the higher amount of wins you will receive. If you are looking for just a set of wins on a weekly basis, we also have that product available on our website.

What rating is required for the elite PvP set?
In order to purchase the elite set you must earn at least 2000 rating.
What requirements does my character need to meet?

We do recommend that your toon has at least 20 PvP honor talents. Gear isn’t as big of a problem for us if it is respectable compared to the current time of the season, but honor talents make a huge difference and allow for a smooth process. Additionally, an artifact trait of 52 on your main spec is recommended.

Additionally, you must have a fully functional microphone and be able to join our staff in call on Skype or Discord.

What if I am not good enough to achieve the rating I purchased?

We will work with you to the best of our ability to get to the rating that you purchased. In most cases, orders up to 2000 rating are no problem and take no more than 4 hours of play time (if you are starting out from 0). If we hit a wall where we cannot seem to get to the rating you ordered, then we will discuss other options with you. We have not encountered this issue with any of our customers, but we do want to let people know that we do our very best to work with each and every one of our clients to ensure they get the best possible experience.

How soon can we start playing after my purchase?

Depending on the time of your purchase and the current queue for your class, we generally attempt to start your order within the same day. If that is not possible, then we schedule a time that works for the following day.