RBG Wins

The 3rd Artifact Appearance tint can be unlocked by winning a total of 10 RBG games. This product is for either that or simply purchasing a few weeks for your weekly cap and chest.

Both options can be done in either the Account Share or Self Play method.



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Great service!
I got the Slayer title, self played. Communication was great and they were easily available.

Bertram Jenses

World of Warcraft

There was a small problem with getting me in the right raid but after that was solved everythign was great!


World of Warcraft



World of Warcraft

Simply great!
The guys I played arena with really knew what they were doing. Coming back next season.

Dan from New York

World of Warcraft

I am so happy I picked ArenaRating. You will not regret it if you make the same choice.

Michael Kaplan

World of Warcraft


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