1800 RBG Boost $59.99

* To buy your self play rbg boost, simply use the dropdown menus above to select your desired and current rating. This will determine the price of the service.
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We currently staff the highest rated rated battleground team in both US and Europe regions. .
Whether its a quick boost to 1800 rating or if you’re interested in going all the way up to 2500+ rating, we have the talent available to help you with your journey.

We Are the Highest Ranked RBG Team
on World of Warcraft!

Every season, our professional squad continues to dominate the leaderboards. This is the reason why we are able to offer RBG Boost packages that no one else can offer. No other team can compete on our level.

Since our group is so good, we can accommodate to any one of your needs. Since 2007, we have been providing the community with the best service on the web. Quite frankly, we are the originators of the boost and there has been many copy cats along the way, but our level of customer service is unmatched. Feel free to use the custom settings below to pick your current and desired rating. After that, simply add the item to cart, follow the checkout instructions and we can schedule out your order right away!

World of Warcraft can be a difficult game, requiring many hours of farming before getting anywhere. For the busy gamer, this might not be possible, and this is where our company comes in. We make it our full-time job to make everything easier for you. We are an American business, with professional gamers in our ranks who bring passion and skill to the business. Our goal is to make everything that much simpler, from getting achievements, titles, mounts and the most updated gear. Our company goes as far as giving discounts to group players and can even handle an entire guild. We have experience on our side, having been in the business since 2007, and continue to grow and provide the best customer service in the industry. Now, we serve international customers despite the fact that we are US based. We always deliver on our promises, and do so lightning fast but for the skeptics, the reviews on our website might help convince you.


Above you will see a module that will allow you to set your current rating and the rating. The higher your current rating, the bigger the discount will be on the service.

Once you pick your options, you can simply follow the checkout process and fill out the information on the form. It is best to have a Skype or Discord ID that we can add you on to have the best method of communication during the whole process. If you do not have Skype or Discord, then we can still communicate through email or text.

After your order is placed, our customer support team will contact you with your preferred contact method and ask for your WoW armory link. This will allow us to check your character’s gear and schedule out your order with the proper player that specializes in the class that you play.

Once we receive your armory link and review your character, we will put you in direct contact with the team leader which will provide you the play-time schedule and let you know when we will be logging on and off your account. The very first time we log on, it will require you to “unlock” your account. The unlock process is simple; on the first login attempt you will receive a 6-digit code from Blizzard which you will have to provide for us to successfully log on. After that, you no longer will need to go through the unlocking process.

During your order, you can check on the status by messaging us on Live Chat, Skype, or Discord. You can also check on the armory, but in some cases, it will not show the most recent rating and won’t be accurate.

Once your order is completed, we will message you and email you notifying you that your order is completed and ready to go. We always recommend changing your password after completion to keep your account as secure as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to use our live chat or email us your questions and we will be happy to help.

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There are two different versions of this product. The one you are looking at is done through what the community refers to as a “pilot,” which means that we play your character for you to obtain the rating that you purchase. We offer the service in Europe and US servers and the character will be played by a booster in the client’s respective location. We use a special VPN software to keep your order as discrete as possible.

If you are interested in playing your own character, we offer a self-play option that can be found here.


PvP rewards are distributed depending on your rating. The higher your rating, the higher the item level will be when start getting your PvP gear. The following rewards are unlocked with the respective rating:

  • 2000 Rating will allow you to purchase elite gear the following season.
  • 2200 Rating will allow you to purchase the tabard from the PvP vendor. The PvP cloak will also be available at this rating.
  • 2400 Rating will allow you to purchase the PvP enchant for your weapon.

These rewards are prestigious in the PvP community and will solidify your character as the best of the best. Be prepared to turn heads and gain the attention of others while you rock the coolest transmogs in the game!

The way you obtain PvP gear in Legion is much different than previous expansions of World of Warcraft. The higher your rating in the respective bracket, the better item level you will receive. Please use the table below to cross check the item level based on your rating:

Rating –  Item Level

  • 0-1399 – 340 (Max 355)
  • 1400-1599 –  350 (Max 355)
  • 1600-1799 – 360 (Max 370)
  • 1800-2099  – 365 (Max 370)
  • 2100 – 2399 – 380 (Max 380)
  • 2400+ – 955 – 375 (Max 385)

Please keep the table above in mind while you are purchasing the boost you want. This will give you an idea of what kind of gear to expect once your boost is complete.

Unlike arena, Rated Battlegrounds reward characters with achievement titles at specific ratings. The titles are “account-wide” meaning that every character you have can use the title. The title is also different depending if you are horde or Alliance. Please use the table below to view which titles are given based on your rating:

RBG Rating Alliance Horde
1100 Private Scout
1200 Corporal Grunt
1300 Sergeant Sergeant
1400 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant
1500 Sergeant Major First Sergeant
1600 Knight Stone Guard
1700 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard
1800 Knight-Captain Legionnaire
1900 Knight-Champion Centurion
2000 Lieutenant Commander Champion
2100 Commander Lieutenant General
2200 Marshal General
2300 Field Marshal Warlord
2400 Grand Marshal High Warlord

How to Obtain Hero Title in rated battlegrounds

At the end of every PvP season, there are specific rewards handed out depending on where you are in the leaderboards at the end of the season. If you are at the top .05% of the ladder, you will receive a “Hero of the Horde” or “Hero of the Alliance” title. This usually required over 2400 rating to achieve. In addition to the title, you will also receive a special ground mount. If you’re alliance, the mount you will receive is Reins of the Vicious War Steed. If you’re horde, the mount is Horn of the Vicious War Wolf.


On average, how many wins will I receive with my purchase?

This is entirely depending on which rating you wish to purchase. The higher the rating, the higher amount of wins you will receive. If you are looking for just a set of wins on a weekly basis, we also have that product available on our website.

Who will play my character? has the most talented RBG staff that is available on WoW. Our team consists of the highest rated battleground team in both the United States & Europe. You can be rest assured that there isn’t a single group out there that can compete on our level.
What RBG Rating is required for the elite PvP set?
In order to purchase the elite set you must earn at least 2000 rating.
Are there any requirements?

We do recommend that your toon has at least 20 PvP honor talents. Gear isn’t as big of a problem for us if it is respectable compared to the current time of the season, but honor talents make a huge difference and allow for a smooth process. Additionally, an artifact trait of 52 on your main spec is recommended.

How long will it take to complete my order?

There are a number of factors which go on the ETA of the completion of your order. The timing of the season makes a big difference. For example, the earlier it is in the season, then the longer it may take. Small orders that are from 0-1800 RBG Rating can be completed within 1-2 days. Higher ratings can sometimes require up to 4-5 days of playing. If you need a precise ETA of completion, just contact us and we will be happy to give you an accurate timeline of your order.