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We know there are a lot of boosting companies out there to choose from. We’ve been doing this for a very long time. Most likely longer than any other boosting company out there. We have grown into one of the largest provider of Overwatch boosts. Our goal is to continue to provide fast and secure services at low prices. 

Secure Transactions

There are two things in this industry that we know are must-haves. The first is offering a legitimate service and the second is safety when handling accounts and purchases. As a standard, all transactions go through an SSL with 256-bit key encryption. This ensures that your information stays safe. Second, your order is kept discrete. We do not reply to whispers or in game messages unless you tell us to do so. 

Quality Customer Service

When working with our website, you will never get serviced that is outsourced to a 3rd world country. Our employees are all within the US and European regions and cater to your region as well. This means that if your order is located on US servers, you will be paired with a US booster as well as a US customer service representative. We guarantee quality service and we handle each order with extreme care. 

Professional Overwatch Players

All our boosters go through rigorous screening. Only the best and most responsible ones are allowed to join our Team. Feel safe knowing you have one of the top players around.

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Mandatory VPN and AWS Use

We NEVER log on any account without proper security and protection. Not only do we use the best VPNs out there, we also combine it with the power of Amazon Cloud Servers which allows us to add an extra layer of protection when logging on your account. You will notice NO ONE in the industry offers the level of protection that we do. We understand that account security is NOT a joke and we take great pride in being able to offer the safest boosts on the market. 

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Dedicated Order Dashboard

Want to be able to personally talk to the booster that is doing your Overwatch Boost? With us you can follow the progress of your boost & chat with your booster while you monitor individual Boosting Matches.

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Encrypted Chat System

We know how important your Account & Personal Information is to you. Our Chat is heavily encrypted so your Account Information can’t be stolen by Hackers. No matter what you write, our Chat System will remain confidential.

Individual Match Progress

You will be able to search for matches played by our boosters and further filter the results of your boost! Want to check our past orders before you get that Overwatch boost? The results of our orders are also available publicly anonymous!

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Dedicated Managers

Unlike other boosting companies, we also have a Dedicated Manager Team ready to solve your issues with Fast and Professional Responses.