Anti Decay Matches

2.50 $ 

*Your order will be started within a few Hours as we have a High number of Professional TOP500 Boosters!


How does overwatch decay system work?

You have to play at least 4 games a week to prevent your rank from decaying 50sr per day, 10 days and you lose a division. With our service, we’ll guarantee you the same rank or even a slightly increased Rank!

Anti-decay is one of the most used services in our platform.

We will take care of your account and make sure you won’t derank below the division you’ve requested.


  • You must be level 25
  • Your rank must be at least diamond or higher
  • You must order at least 36hours before your daily decay starts


  • Secured seasonal rewards
  • We will keep your account at your current SR for the number of weeks you order and maybe even increased
  • Competitive points, skins, sprays, and icons

Our Guarantee

  • We can Guarantee the success of your Order! We will give the Order to a Booster that can Achieve the desired Results!

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