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Challenge Mode Gold

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When you purchase this product from us, you are assured a rapid WoW challenge mode carry service which guarantees you a character boost that will be seen as a natural progression for your character – no bots or automation, no chance of Blizzard getting agitated either! Our team performance is unbeatable and the ideal way for you to get the transmog gear you want.

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In order to receive the transmog rewards, you are required to complete eight dungeons in a certain time frame. These are rewarded with a number of levels (gold, bronze, and silver), gear, and other useful items. Our team of experts are amazing at completing these. Requirements: You must have: - All the heroic mode dungeons completed. - Your gear must meet the current standards in game. How does a it work? It’s simple! Once you purchase this service from us, we will start you off as soon as we can with our best players. To begin with, one of our team members will contact you via Skype and get your ordered scheduled. You will need to meet the requirements above, but apart from that, all you have to do is select and order the product. You will get an order number in your email and one of our WoW team members will contact you (usually within the day) to confirm your details and grab any information they need. We do these runs on a regular basis each week, so your order will be underway in no time! As soon as we have completed carrying your WoW character you will be able to enjoy all the rewards and you can get back to playing your great new toon! Please keep in mind that WoD CM's take a few days to complete at the moment due the difficulty.