Gladiator Carry for BFA Season 3

In Battle for Azeroth (BFA), The Gladiator title is earned by achieving 2400 rating in 3v3 as well as winning 50 games at or above 2400 rating. The win counter does not reset if you fall below 2400 rating.

Get your Gladiator Title for Battle for Azeroth Season 3

When you have a staff like we do, you know we are the right place when you’re looking for a Gladiator boost. Our players are all multi Rank 1 players who can swift their way through the ladders with ease. This is why Arena Rating has proven time and time again that we are the #1 place to buy Gladiator boosts. We have the most secure methods to ensure that your rating and characters are safe and sound.

The price for this product is the same for both Self Play & Pilot. For piloting, there is no 12 hour maximum as we can guarantee that we will finish the requirements. However, Self Play is the safest and best option as well as it gives you the experience of playing with top players.

$749.99 $649.99

Gladiator Agreement

  • The Gladiator Boost requires you to be at least an 1800 rated player. Keep in mind, you will be playing with two rank 1 players. There is a maximum of 12 hours that you will receive with the 2 Rank 1 pros. We believe that this is more than enough time to achieve 2400 rating as well as 50 wins above 2400.

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I got the Slayer title, self played. Communication was great and they were easily available.

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Simply great!
The guys I played arena with really knew what they were doing. Coming back next season.

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