Are You Guys Legit?

This is one of the most common questions we get these days. We understand, the internet can be full of scammers, especially in the RMT industry. We always answer this question with a question of our own: If we weren’t legit, would we really be here since 2007? That’s over 11 years of providing boosting services for World of Warcraft. Check our track record online, I don’t think you will find another service provider that has as good of a reputation as we do. Additionally, we gain NOTHING by not fulfilling our promise to you. Instead, by providing a top-notch service, we keep you as a customer for life. That’s our goal, providing high quality services so that we maintain loyal customers for future games and beyond.

What payment methods do you accept?

The main form of payment method throughout the website is PayPal. It is the safest option out there for both you, the customer, and us, the provider. If you do not have PayPal and would like to pay through Credit Card, we can take credit card payments over the phone. Call us at 1.800.971.3731 to set up your order.

What is WoW boosting?

Boosting is essentially another term for power leveling, but this is for things like dungeons and PvP challenges. There are multiple flavors of this as well. You can play your own character with some options and there are other options where we play for you.

Will my account be suspended or banned if I use your service?

We don’t use any methods that may potentially harm your account. There are no bots, no win trading, and no dubious methods that will put your account in jeopardy. However, if you do purchase a pilot, you are sharing your account and it is against the blizzard EULA. While we have never had a ban for our services, we cannot guarantee that blizzard will never take action. If your order was completed, we cannot be held responsible for any account actions, and thus we do not offer refunds for actions we have no control over.

What happens if you fail my order?

We back each order with a guarantee. If we fail to complete the rating or items required with the order, we will refund it entirely. Other products may have certain terms (like Gladiator and Hero title) which you will have to agree to prior to placing your order. Be sure to view the respective pages to view a list of terms we have for those products.