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Arena Rating was established in 2009 by three like-minded business partners who loved the MMO gaming world, and who eventually sought to offer the most reliable Arena Power Levelling service on the planet. Since our founding, we have worked hard to see our goals turn to reality as we diligently continue to pave the way for the real money trading (RMT) industry.

There is no fluff here. With Arena Rating you will find only the world's top tier players at your service who have been the biggest names in the competitive E-Sport scene for years. What's more, we have been working with each other successfully within our company for two years and running! We are more than just the world's most skilled gamers; we are professionals.

As it is one of our top priorities, we regard our practice of security extremely critical to the integrity of our name. We are continuously working to better our policies towards maintaining our prevention of unwanted mishaps from ever occurring. We take pride in that we operate at the forefront of trusted RMT, and hold true to our belief that you would be hard pressed to find a safer, more secure RMT organization. Our select US branch of players are purely located in the United States, likewise, our EU branch is located in Europe. Thus, with Arena Rating you can rest assured that you will never find a foreign IP address logged-in to your account. So what makes us so special you ask? We aren't just random players hired like other websites. We don't have a message asking people to "apply" to work for us. We're a group of friends who all trust one another. That's why we are the safest service on the market, period. Don't risk going with copy cats out there who "claim" they have safe methods. We are proven to be the safest arena levelers around due to years of experience.

Our promise to you, our customers, is to continue providing you with the highest quality services at affordable prices. We don't stop at simply offering you astounding win/loss ratios completed at lightning fast speeds; we are committed to exceptional client care. Available to you virtually 24/7, we uphold a level of customer service that goes above and beyond the regular standards.

At Arena Rating we are always striving to find newer ways to serve you better.


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